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Richard W. McKay


About Me.

Artist Bio for Richard W. McKay
Landscape artists in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and graphite.  Illustrative work for plants and trees.  Currently creating a picture book of 30 trees in a journal form.  Hundreds of backlog paintings.  Also working on a children’s book using ants to tell tales.

Grew up in Utah, USA.  Art has always been a part of life.  Art is life.  Was a final contender for Sterling Scholar in Art at Bonneville High School in Utah.  Growing up in The Rocky Mountains serve as continued inspiration for past, present and future paintings.  In younger years, Richard has had several arts pieces displayed and judged at various locations around Utah.  Even wining an art competition that was sanctioned by the Boy Scouts of America many, many moons ago.  Richard has always had some art classes as part of his school curriculum until entering into the military at the age of 17.

Richard put aside art for nearly 30 years to raise a family, enter into military service, and formulate a career in IT (Information Technology).  For nearly 2 years now, Richard has been producing paintings and drawings since being laid off from his employment.

Inspired by the beauty around us all the time, Richard draws upon his talent to recreate the feeling of natural scenery.  His paintings do not require detail but rather communicate a feeling of longing on the part of the viewer.  Precise strokes of the brush coupled with the bold chroma of the pigment work to create natural wonders right on cotton rag paper. 

“When I create art, the world folds in on itself.  I feel whole.  I feel complete.”  Driven by the desire to create new places and document the emotion captured in paint, Richard works to complete paintings that will draw the viewer in and hold them in awe.

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